BEECardboard is the revolution of Cardboard Engineering. Our new system helps you to create your individual systems even faster.

This method is used during workshops in order to create and test work stations, shelves etc. even before the „real“ assemby. In this way expensive changes can be avoided afterwards. (muda = waste).

We offer an effective assembly kit of components, which you can later reproduce perfectly with our pipe racking system by G.S ACE.

It consists of carton pipe diameter 28mm, carton angles 40x40mm and corresponding plastic joints.


Individual parts

  • carton pipe, diameter: 28mm
  • carton angles, 40x40mm
  • and the corresponding plastic joints and wheels,
  • as well as edges and plates

Value-Stream magnets

  • by using Value-Stream magnets you can organize your operational sequences not only more flexible but also more efficient.
  • your Lean process will be lean itself!


  • Our LEANboxes are in the line with the rest of our BEECardboard Engineering components. With them, you can easily assemble practical special load carriers, which you can use later for explaining your distributors what you actually need.

Cardboard workstation

  • On request you can purchase our completed Cardboard Workstation . With it, you can easily create every Cardboard model you can imagine.


  • With our Starter-Sets you can try by yourself to find out what suits you the most and what you actually need.