Thanks to its extensive selection of unique selling points, the picking system is excellently suited for optimising warehouse and production logistics and acts as a production tool to help prevent assembly errors and the costly rework they cause.


It enables the customer to purchase all tools necessary for implementing a „management by view“ from a single source.

The core of the one-stop shop is the uniform hardware and software platform, which, thanks to its modular structure, enables the design of both independent island solutions and holistic visualisation platforms that feature control console characteristics and are integrated into the production IT system.
This means that solutions such as Pick to Light, Andon board/systems and AssemblyVision™ applications can be combined and scaled with one another as required via uniform data protocols and a unique „DisplayManagerSuite“.

The Pick to Light is a poka-yoke system based on the „Pick to Light technology“ for warehouse and production logistics and production process optimisation.

An Andon unit is a visualisation system for „lean production“ with the aim of guaranteeing quick and easy communication for the worker so that problems that occur can be addressed according to priority.
The AssemblyVision™ application is an interactive, visual assembly aid for individual workplaces for displaying work instructions, items lists and process deviations.

The range of services includes comprehensive consultation and planning so that we can work together with the customer to develop the ideal solution for the respective application.

Modulare, visual Lean-tools for Logistics- process optimization and device management

The graphic above represents the company philosophy of the one-stop shop for the „visual factory“.

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