The Lean Manufacturing and Lean Administration techniques have made their way into many areas of the working life. "Lean" means "to create values without being wasteful" with the goal of ideally using resources, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and thus sustainably improving the competitive situation of companies. Two important tools for the optimisation of administrative processes are the TeamBoard for the goods receiving area or the OrgaBoard for the distribution of orders in Development.


  • Kanban board system with planning accessories
  • Narrow Kanban board (Heijunka board)
  • Card pockets, plastic pockets, document dispenser …

Personnel planning

  • System Orgasicht: annual planner, 5 resp. 7 days per week


  • TeamBoard: Information and planning board with 35 cascading ­display compartments for documents
  • OrgaBoard: Information and planning board with 5 pocket channels for documents
  • Day planner: Planning board for 5 workplaces
  • Basic board: Planning and presentation board with white, ferromagnetic surface

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