The flexible floor marking system

The lean manufacturing and lean administration techniques have made their way into many areas of the working life. „Lean“ means „creating value without waste“ with the objective of using resources efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and therefore sustainably improving the competitive situation of companies.

The OSHA-Code 1910.22 (b) (2) requires permanent aisles and passageways that shall be appropriately marked. Those floor markings are a quick and cost-efficient solution to separate the pedestrian areas from traffic and heavy machinery.

As of now, user-defined graphics, messages or logos can be added to BEEstripe. Adapt your work place by using tapes that are relevant for your environment. In-Line-Printing (lettering) is the only floor marking that has 100% wiping-proof graphics.

BEEstripe Shapes are perfect for each 5S or Six Sigma programme and is available in numerous shapes and characters. These markings will permanently withstand safety and pedestrian areas or fork-lift traffic. BEEstripe Shapes are easy to install and configure, thus saving you time and money! Available as BEEStripe Supreme V, Lean, X-Treme and danger marking strips.


BEEstripe Signs are now more lively and UV-light resistant. Ideal for each S5 or Six Sigma programme. These permanent floor signs can be designed individually. Design your own signs for safety and pedestrian areas or the fork-lift traffic. BEEstripe Signs are easy to install: you only have to pull off the predection foil and affix the sign. BEEstripe Signs help you save the time you would need to paint and dry the signs, and the resulting downtime. BEEstripe Signs are ultimate 5A solutions that will definitely pay off!

This is just a small excerpt of our product range of BeeStripe Signs. For more information please have a look at our catalog or contact us!

On request, all BEEstripe Signs are also available as 2-colour Glow-in-the-Dark variants!

 BEEstripe glow signs are ideal for marking an evacuation route or exit during a power cut.

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