• Perforated Panels

    Perforated Panels

    The perforated panel system systematically keeps everything in the right place and offers different application possibilities: as panel element for the tube plug-in system by G.S ACE or the Ergonomic QUATTRO, as wall-mount solution, as detached partition wall and as workshop and trolley cabinets. Material: sheet steel, 1.25 mm with powder coat, hidden mounting holes.

    Louvred Panels

    The RasterPlan louvred panel system is compatible with the RasterPlan perforated panel system and provides the same options for a range of applications: as a panel element in the BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S. Ace
    or in the Ergonomic QUATTRO, as a wall solution, as a free-standing room divider, etc.
    Material: 1.25 mm sheet steel with impact resistant, scratch-proof plastic coating and concealed screw holes.

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