• Aicelwood

    Aicelwood, also known as Durawood, is available in different thicknesses and panel dimensions. No matter whether it is a delivery of raw materials (finished panels or pre-cuts) or custom Aicelwood solutions manufactured in accordance with your specifications, assembly sets for professionals and semi-professionals, turnkey solutions or complete designs for novices, we help you to arrange a flexible and custom solution for your preferred form of delivery.


    Aicelwood – the wood substitute

    Aicelwood has been used as a predective material in the automotive and automotive supply industry for transporting car parts without damaging them for over 30 years (e.g. for Toyota, Nissan, Honda).
    Aicelwood is excellent for combining with our modular system.

    Aicelwood is also mainly used to pad the inside of the holds of lorries and refrigerated lorries, thus guaranteeing the predection of transported goods.

    Aicelwood can also be used as a building material.


    • Aicelwood does not chip
    • light (weight reduction)
    • hard surface
    • smooth surface and foamed on the inside
    • impermeable
    • oil-resistant
    • excellent impact, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and washability
    • reduced maintenance costs
    • excellent shock resistance
    • 100% recyclable
    • eco-friendly
    • easy to work with
    • operation temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C
    • Dimensions of the "raw material":
    • thickness:    3–50 mm
    • width:     60–640 mm
    • length:     2000 mm
    • Processing:
    • sawing
    • punching
    • drilling
    • milling
    • screwing
    • gluing

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