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    “Milkrun” is a concept in procurement logistics which refers to the provision of material in accordance with requirements. The concept is based on the principle that material is only replenished in as far as it is required, in the same way as the milkman used to deliver only just as much milk as there were empty bottles in front of the door.

    The number of trips required to replenish stock is reduced (along with the ­associated costs) by constructing intelligent links between the areas where the material is stored and used (production and assembly lines) and the travel routes; while by planning supply quantities and journey cycles the number of movements needed to replenish stock is cut back, resulting in a reduction in costs.

    Automated Guided Vehicles and Milkrun-Trailers (BEEasy) show you YOUR way!

    Material flow is a point of optimization that is nowadays controlled by automation. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) with camera and optical tracking as well as Milkrun-trailers are of high importance. Nowadays they replace old-fashioned transport methods such as fork lifts.
    BeeWaTec-Systems GmbH can live up to any kind of vehicle – be it a tractive / transport vehicle, a famous Spurmeise or a customized special construction. By the help of our simple kit-system BEEasy (which is all about engineering/building trailers and platforms), you are equipped well and in a fast way.


    The MC system is a specially developed system that features a modular structure for selfassembly.


    All types of the MC system are also available welded together. If you would like to order the welded version of your preferred model, please simply enter „GS“ after the order number.


    The E-Frame is suitable for transporting various platforms. The platforms are only leveraged by machines, which improves the directional stability of the E-Frame enormously.


    Using the SKS system achieves maximum directional stability.


    Manual transfer of pallets / box pallets / special load carriers made easy with the platform systems from BeeWaTec.


    If you require a trailer that we do not have in our standard range, please contact us.

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