• ErgoLift sitting/standing work table

    Height-adjustable tables do not just meet the demands of whatever work needs to be carried out, they also actively assist the user's physical health. Sitting down for a long time is just as damaging as standing up for extended periods; alternating between sitting down and standing up is the optimum compromise. Changing working positions is only practical however, if it is possible to switch the workplace over quickly and easily.

    Thanks to ERGOLIFT and ERGOHUB, Haid can offer two different systems for such work.

    Height adjustment that is as light as a feather

    You can adjust the height on this table series with just one hand movement and in a working range between 760 and 1,280 mm. Once you let go of the hand button, the table is capable of taking the full load again.

    The height adjustment is made purely mechanically via two simple pieces of technology that are almost maintenance-free: the weight of the tabletop and the load placed on top of it (up to 25 kg) are compensated by means of an adjustable tension spring. In the case of the design for greater loads up to 90 kg, one or two additional gas pressure springs are used, which are clamped behind the legs and which, if required, can be replaced very easily with springs with another load-bearing capacity.


    • Mobile version with four castors Ø 100 mm, two with brake
    • angled foot rails
    • ESD-Version
    • Individual tabletops