• ERGONOMIC Workplace System

    Assembly workplaces need to be twice as flexible: on the one hand the varying body sizes of the users have to be taken into account, while on the other hand it must be possible to convert the workplaces at short notice in order to meet the demands of a flexible assembly operation.

    The Ergonomic modular system has been specially developed for these requirements, with an underframe based on the BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S ACE, as well as numerous add-ons such as articulated arms, trays, perforated panels and hanger rails for grab trays. All allowing you to design your workplace exactly as you like it. And to be prepared at all times for new situations.

    The human being as a benchmark

    The human body is a complex, multi-functional mechanism that nevertheless has its limits in terms of range of reach, resilience and working hours. Depending on body size a person has a reach of up to 70 cm, without significant changes to body position being necessary. This easily achieved semi-circular area is the range of reach, within which all resources and tools should be placed.

    Poorly structured workplaces that do not allow for natural conditions represent stress for the human body. Seen from the economic point of view the configuration of the workplace is a key factor in a company’s efficiency.

    The result: the workplace has to adapt to the person, not the other way round!

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