• BeeWaTec GLT-TransferSystem

    BeeWaTec GLT TransferSystem is a conveyor system without drive, which is only driven by gravitation. The roller conveyor is driven only by the adjusted inclination (between 3 °- 5°) and the resultant kinetic energy of the transported material to the rollers.  The inclination of the roller conveyor is chosen so that conveyed goods will be transported to the end of the conveyor line at a moderate speed. Reaching the end stop, the conveyed goods will be stopped.


    • mesh boxes, special load carriers and other containers on request
    • Other types of the BeeWaTec GLT TransferSystem on request.

    How it works: operating principle

    More Information

    BeeWaTec GLT-TransferSystem PDF-File
    • Efficient
      Transport load carriers efficiently, without drive
    • Ergonomic
      At the end of the roller conveyor, there is a demand-specific shift unit and separation unit which allows an ergonomic conveyance of load carriers
    • Flexible
      Adjustable to various load carriers, such as mesh boxes, pallets, steel pallets, steel racks, plastics, special load carriers. 
    • Economic
      The load carriers can be transported in a fast and simple way with low space requirements. 
    • Safety
      The speed of the load units and containers with different weights can be regulated with the help of the brake rollers and the inclination.
    • Integration
      It can be integrated to the present infrastructure in a simple and fast way.
    • Individual
      Scalable, modular pallet transfer system which can be adapted to your demands.