• History


    To bring LEAN rolling, you have to be flexible.


    Operating at an international level, the trio of companies BeeWaTec, BeeWaTec-Furniture and  BeeWaTec-Systems are taking LEAN production and management into the future. Working from its base of operations in Pfullingen, where it was founded in the German state of Swabia, the family-run company has already been making contributions to lean production for a decade.

    Quality meets tradition.

    Haid (now: BeeWaTec-Furniture GmbH & Co. KG / BeeWaTec-Furniture) was founded in 1927 as a watch factory. In the 1980s, the new laboratory furniture division of the company was launched and held great promise for the future. Over the subsequent years, BeeWaTec-Furniture became an increasingly important player in the electrical and electronics industry. Continuously expanding the product range enabled the company to continue to grow, tap into new business areas and develop into a successful supplier of comprehensive, integrated workplace solutions.

    Innovation promotes expansion.

    BeeWaTec AG has been expanding its market presence since it was founded in 2007. BeeWaTec’s main area of expertise is providing support along every step of the way to achieving process optimisation: custom advice, engineering, delivering assembly sets and/or complete workplace systems, training sessions and workshops, right through to an international network of qualified sales and service representatives.

    This has enabled the company to establish itself as one of the leading suppliers of LEAN and material flow components. What’s more, when it comes to workplace/production design, the company has become indispensable for many leading European companies.

    Future meets the spirit of development.

    Standards were set in 2010 with the founding of ANT-System GmbH (now BeeWaTec-Systems GmbH). The company works meticulously on developing automated guided vehicles and milk-run systems for lean management to make processes even more reliable, even more efficient and even leaner but still flexible. BeeWaTec-Systems GmbH is a subsidiary company founded for this purpose in 2010 by BeeWaTec-Furniture GmbH & Co. KG (laboratory and workplace systems) and BeeWaTec GmbH (one of the leading suppliers of pipe racking systems and intralogistics solutions).

    Supply Chain in focus.

    The family-run company from Swabia now has links all over the world and is locally represented in other European countries. By concentrating on more than just the domestic market, BeeWaTec has been able to quickly gain a foothold in other European countries. Its international expansion activities have allowed BeeWaTec to establish subsidiary companies and branches in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. The three companies, their subsidiaries and these foreign branches work together to form a powerful network united by a common philosophy: lean production and industry 4.0.