BeeWaTec guiding techniques/ navigation types and localization types

An important element of FTF systems is the applied guiding technique/ the applied navigation method

Navigation includes localization detection as well as the course of the vehicles. Due to this information the system performance is configured, optimized and process reliability is guaranteed.

There are different navigation methods. Depending on operational environment, system requirements, weight of the load and so on, every method has it advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find information about the navigation methods used by BeeWaTec:


RFID-tags are chips which are countersinked via bores under the lane or which are affixed to the ground.  A specific code is filed on the chips they send to the reading unit of a vehicle passing by.

From its database the vehicle control accesses the requested actions/orders which belong to the code and which the vehicle must carry out on the requested spot e.g. stopping, starting exact positioning, turning right or left, driving more slowly, carrying out the load handling like lifting/lowering the fork, starting and stopping the conveyor belt etc.

Moreover, exact localization of the vehicle is possible. By using RFID-tags different orders can be assigned stationarily. Adjusting and adding orders is possible at any time by simply configuring the database.

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