The Control System for your Future Logistics and Assembly Demands

At BeeWaTec simple constructions do not depend on control and guiding systems.

For more complex functionalities and requirements BeeWaTec developed the multifunctional BeeWaTec Logistic Control guiding and controlling system (BeeLoC). The system is highly efficient and structured in solving your customized automation, assembly and logistics demands.

Based on the standardized hardware modular system and on the BeeLoC function modules, BeeWaTec develops outstanding, efficient and structured solutions, which can lead you to crucial process optimizations. It is our aim to realize quick, simple and flexible solutions based on your individual wishes and demands, which you specifically expect from the control and guiding system.

Make use of the continuous development of BeeLoC for your success and a future-proof investment.

Easily and Efficiently Solving Interoffice Logistics and Assembly Automation

BeeLoC function modules are our foundation to solve your customized automation, assembly and logistics tasks in an efficient and structured manner. The portfolio of available BeeLoC modules already covers numerous scopes, and is further developed with every new project.


  • Excellent scalability for e.g. web clients.
  • Easy to expand.
  • Uncomplicated and quick integration of customized requirements.
  • Numerous standard modules for various types of use available.
  • Smooth and abundantly tested communication with PLC/IPC by well-known manufacturers.
  • Visualization based on HTML5, JavaScript, REST web service.
  • BeeLoC can be expanded by the use of scripts, and can be applied in diverse tasks in the field of automation technology.
  • BeeLoC is “industry 4.0”- and Internet of Things ready.

We offer you BeeLoC in 3 different versions.

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