Lighting of industrial workplaces

The lighting of industrial workplaces must satisfy many requirements and must consider the safety and health of workers. Providing the right light the employees’ concentration and the work quality increase.

Proved in numerous studies, a good lighting of industrial workplaces ensure better motivation and high commitment. The employees stay mentally fit and feel less tired. The increased concentration capability leads to a better work quality, errors are reduced and the risk of industrial accidents is reduced. 

Energy-efficient light

Additionally to the quality of a lighting system you have to take into account its economic efficiency. Lamps with high illuminance, electronic control gear, integrating available daylight and light management ensure energy-     efficient light production and reduce CO2 emission. 


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Saving costs by using LED technology

Replacing old plants by modern, state-of-the-art lighting technology will save money after a short amortization period: the older the system to be replaced is, the higher the energy saving and the cost saving will be. 

Improve work quality

When surfaces are checked for defects and irregularities, the human eye  has an unmatched ability despite of intelligent machines, but optmimum environmental conditions are required. The right light in the right amount at the right place and time is essential. 

Light control with the turn function

The pivotable BeeLED workplace lamps are specifically tailored to the demanding visual tasks in a laboratory, at assembly workstations and at workplaces in the electronics production. With a turn function (180°) the light can be pointed to a specific area of activity of the workplace.