• Application

    The ProScreenVision is used to visualise:

    • Malfunctions and production interruptions
    • Current line and station statuses
    • Target/actual data and comparison quantities
    • Parts and items lists
    • Assembly instructions and drawings
    • Graphics (e.g. for process indicators)
    • Video-Streams
    • Images from production cameras
    • Production plans and production processes




    • To motivate employees
    • To increase productivity through real-time visualisation
    • To optimise production utilisation by localising errors and malfunctions
    • To visualise target/actual statuses
    • To reduce lead times
    • To reduce rework and repair times
    • To optimise the production process as well as production and warehouse logistics

    Application in the „near-field“ as:

    • Andon-Board/System
    • Target/actual trend display
    • Statistic and graphics board
    • Control station
    • E-KANBAN-Board

    More Information

    Chapter 4: Paperless Production PDF-File
    Flip Catalogue Link