• System Software

    Using the modular PickVision™ system software that consists of PickVisionServer, PickVisionManager and PickVisionClient, enables the quick and convenient configuration as well as the comprehensive monitoring of your system.

    The PickVisionServer is an interface to the customer data. It is connected via the „Standard PickVision™ Interface“ (ASCII or XML format). The „Extended PickVision™ Interface“ – extended with ODBC, IDoc or RFC interfaces – gives the option of connecting the system to ERP platforms. The PickVisionManager enables graphic-supported parameterisation, management and diagnostic functions of the PickVision™ system. The PickVisionClient is a module that is programmed on a customer-specific basis which starts Pick to Light orders by manually triggering an event (e.g. scanner).

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    Key Features

    • Creation of both small and complex systems using the modular software structure
    • Different picking modes can be selected (parallel or serial and route-optimised picking)
    • Intuitive and ergonomic operation and structure thanks to the graphic representation of the pick zone in the PickVisionManager, for example
    • Selection of up to 8 different light ring colours for signalling a pick
    • Selection of up to 8 different light ring colours for signalling a completed pick
    • Signalling a pick (constant or flashing) in 6 different sequences (separate for active and completed picks)
    • Choice for acknowledging a pick via integrated or external buttons, light curtains, light sensors or sensors
    • Optional integration of peripheral devices, such as scanners, printers, scales and so on
    • Horizontal and vertical mode of the Pick to Light units
    • Logging of important events, such as the malfunction of a component in the PickVision™ systems or logging on/off the server system log on the PickVisionManager, for example
    • Logging and visualisation of system events via adjustable escalation levels
    • Protokollierung und Visualisierung von Systemereignissen über 
    • Event memory for logging system statuses and processing in statistical evaluations
    • Remote maintenance via corresponding accessories possible
    • Password-protected access authorisation for the PickVisionManager
    • Simple self-test function for quick visual system monitoring
    • PickVisionClient for connecting ERP platforms
    • Can be scaled as desired in accordance with customer requirements via „PickVisionClient“
    • Connection of additional systems, such as Andon board/systems and AssemblyVision™ applications via the „DisplayManagerSuite“ software