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    The MEI 19 D or MEI 19 DT PickVisionHost is a 19“ industrial monitor with integrated industrial PC which enables the use of the PickVisionServer, PickVisionManager and PickVisionClient software packages. The MEI 19 D is the connection between the customer interface (e.g. database) and the „PVC“ PickVisionController. This creates a distinct separation in the system architecture with the advantage that no software needs to be installed on the company server. All associated „bottlenecks“ are elegantly avoided.
    The parameters can also easily and quickly be adapted in the picking zone to meet the particular requirements. An additional advantage of the MEI 19 DT touch variant is that confirmations, error messages, requirements, and so on, for example, can easily be forwarded to the responsible person.

    Combinable components: 

    • PVC PickVisionController
    • LED large displays: e.g. Andon board
    • ProScreen industrial monitor up to 70“ in IP54
    • USB devices: e.g. Scanners; scales; WLAN modules
    • Various brackets in the VESA standard


    • Touch operation
    • Monitor emulation software (touch keyboard, backlight timer, backlight time control) up to safety class IP54
    • Cabinet installation variant
    • Different performance classes
    • GPIO-UNIT, various input devices
    • EKS electronic key system
    Application Interior
    Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
    Display colours 16,7 million
    Brightness / contrast / viewing angle 300 cd/m2 / 1300:1 / 178° v/h
    Processor 4x 2,0 GHz-Quad-Core-Technology 2 GByte RAM, min. SSD 32 GByte
    Operating System Windows 7 embedded
    Interfaces 2x Ethernet TCP/IP, 4x USB, 2x RS232, Stereo-Line In/Out
    Eco-Design Low Power consumption
    Temperature range 0 to +40°C non-condensing
    Rated voltage 230 VAC / 60 Hz
    Power consumption type 40 W, max. 45 W
    Dimensions approx. 340 mm x 425 mm x 60 mm
    Electrical safety DIN EN 60905-1
    Electromagnetic interference DIN EN 61000-6-3
    Electromagnetic immunity DIN EN 61000-6-2
    Casing design Robust sheet-steel housing in modern industrial design, front RAL 9006, rear RAL 9005

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