• Special Components

    Keyboard PKK 7 RG

    The components features 7 freely configurable buttons, an integrated buzzer and a 2-colour light right. All buttons can be programmed freely via the „PickVisionManager“ software.
    When combined with a PZA 10 zone display, the PKK 7 RG keyboard is a freely configurable and programmable picking unit with 7 function buttons and a 10 or 20-digit alphanumerical display unit. This combination allows alphanumerical codes to be processed and stored in the system.
    The PKK 7 RG can also be used as a stand-alone device for controlling external system parts.

    Keyboard PKK 6 RG

    The component features an acknowledgment button, 5 „external“ buttons, 2-colour light ring and a large label field that can be given a bar code. The PKK 6 RG can be supplied with data and power from both sides. The 5 freely programmable switch inputs can be used to integrate external buttons/switches into the PickVision™ system for control. The acknowledgement button is also freely programmable.

    Keyboard PKK 1 RGB

    The component features an acknowledgement button and an 8-colour light ring. The acknowledgement button can be programmed freely. The PKK 1 RGB can be supplied with data and power from both sides. The display area serves as a label area and a bar code, for example, can be stuck to it.


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