• Miele & Cie. KG


    Miele & Cie. KG continues to put its faith in AGV  

    BeeWaTec-Systems has installed a new AGV system at the Miele site in Lehrte, Germany, which is home to the Group’s production plant for industrial washing machines. This is the Miele Group’s second AGV system, supplementing the one already installed at its plant in the German town of Warendorf.

    This latest project is based on the same proven optical tracking technology that has shown itself to be so reliable in the plant at Warendorf. Moreover, the same types of vehicle are being used. Two automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) take care of waste disposal for the production lines (single-shift operation).

    The machines which are ready for dispatch (on transport pallets) are made available at transition points at ground level, as well as on conveyor belts, for transportation to the corresponding warehouse area by the AGV. Optical distance sensors are used for order generation. At the manually operated pick-up points, the machines detect the distance sensors and trigger the transportation order; on the predecessor conveyor system, this was done with light barriers.

    BeeWaTec-Systems GmbH has provided a standard AGV master control which coordinates the AGVs and integrates the high-speed gates and fire protection gates at the passages between the halls, including the traffic light system at crossing areas. This is a simple and cost-effective master control which is based on the processing of digital signals. The simplicity of the system is topped off by manual battery changes at the end of a shift. The overall result is a cost-effective AGV system which pays off even in single-shift operation. 

    The project was delivered working in close cooperation with Miele, as the necessary construction works were carried out by the company itself (installation of the track, „elo“ installation, etc.). BeeWaTec-Systems frequently works in this way, with its customers being allowed to carry out any and all work that they wish to and are able to complete themselves.